Sunday, 8 September 2013

Manicure - Beauty For Everyone

Hi everyone! So I am heading back to school (well technically sixth form) and I thought I would treat myself to a little manicure, so my nails would make a good impression! My friend had given me a manicure voucher for my birthday and I just hadn't got around to using it yet so this seemed like the perfect opportunity! I think I've had a manicure once before (?) and I've had a few pedicures, but they have all been when I have been staying with my aunt up in London so I had never been to this place.

It's called Beauty For Everyone (their website) and is based in Chippenham. When I walked in the first thing I noticed was the adorable interior design. It's very vintagey, which in my opinion gave it such a welcoming and homely feel to the place.

Photograph from Beauty For Everyone Website
I think the lady that did my manicure was called Lauren (I've got a bit of a short term memory so sorry if that's wrong!) and she was absolutely lovely and she had amazingly long eyelashes which I was very jealous of as I'm burdened with having short stubby lashes!

I chose a lovely shimmery purple pink colour which was a China Glaze one but I have absolutely no idea what the exact colour was and completely forgot to ask! Amazingly I've had it for 4 days now and they've barely chipped which is great as I won't need to paint them again for another week! Annoyingly I smudged my pinky nail a little bit as I went into town to pick up some things straight after, but it's not awfully smudged!

If you live in Chippenham or the surrounding area, I would recommend you check them out! They are a little bit expensive in comparison to other beauty salons in the area but are always doing great offers so keep an eye on their Facebook page and you might get a great deal!

Let me know if you ever get your nails done professionally or if you just do them yourself? Thanks for reading! (: