Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Westfield Shopping Centre: Accessories Haul

Hi everyone! So if you haven't already read my Clothing haul (which you totally should do) then you won't know that this is a follow on from that so go read that first!!!

Basically I'm going to show you all of the shoes/earrings/general accessories that I bought on my shopping adventure to the Westfield in Stratford. Fun Fact: I can't spell accessories to save my lie and I keep having to spell check it to get the right spelling!

So the first thing I bought was this really cute bracelet & earring set which are from the Miso brand but I can't quite remember where I got them but they were in the sale for £1. They sort of rustic looking little bumble bees and the bracelet is quite small which I like as I don't normally wear anything on my wrist aside from a couple of hair bands just because I find it always gets in the way!

Miso - £1
Miso - £1
Miso - £1
I then went into Accessorize to find they were having a huge sale so I picked up these cute Rainbow earrings for £1.50. They are really fun and I really want to wear them to Rainbows to see if the girls notice!

Accessorize - £1.50
Accessorize - £1.50
The next thing I bought, also from the Accessorize sale for £3 were these gorgeous sort of floral inspired drop down earrings. In September I will be starting my first year in sixth form where we are allowed to wear our own clothes so I will be able to wear nicer earrings now hence my reason for this purchase.

Accessorize - £3

Accessorize - £3
The final thing I bought in Accessorize was this hat for £5.20 (reduced from £20) as I have pretty fair skin and burn easily and I am off around Europe so I needed something to protect my little head. I really liked the chain around it as it just jazzes up a seemingly plain hat.

Accessorize - £5.20
Accessorize - £5.20
Now onto shoes!!! Like I said, I am going into Sixth form and not only does that mean I can choose what clothes to wear but it also means I can choose my shoes instead of wearing the same pair of black pumps everyday.

I got these in Select and they were £5 each or £8 for 2, so naturally, I bought 2 pairs! I liked them because they are sort of like converses but a bit more summery! I also really liked the spotty pattern and I think as they are pretty simple colours I can get away wearing them with several different outfits.

Select - 2 for £8
Select - 2 for £8
Select - 2 for £8
Select - 2 for £8
In my opinion I've saved the best until last. I am 5'6 which is not particularly small, but I seem to have made friends with all the tall people in my school. I used to be super tall as I've not grown from the age of 11 so 5'6 was pretty tall for a little year 6 & I kind of miss that, so I bought some wedges. I cannot walk in heels but wedges I am fine with as they are more sturdy. So I got these from the Teen section in New Look (who go up to size 7 I think) for £14.99. I'm really looking forward to wearing them when the weather is nice.

New Look Generation - £14.99
New Look Generation - £14.99
New Look Generation - £14.99
So I hope you enjoyed this second part of my haul. Let me know if you liked it and if you've done a haul tell me because I love looking at what other people buy!!! Thank you for reading (:

Monday, 29 July 2013

Westfield Shopping Centre: Clothing Haul

Hi everyone! This is very exciting for me as it's my first clothing haul! I was staying with my Aunt who lives up near London she took me to the Westfield near the Olympic Park to do a little shopping and I thought I would show you a couple of the things I bought! As well as this clothing haul, I'll be posting a shoes & accessories one too!

Now, this wasn't the first time I've been to this Westfield. Last summer she also took me up there and I met the some of the Russian (I think???) paralympic team in Nandos! I had no such luck meeting anyone this time at Nandos though!

*PLEASE NOTE* I don't look very happy in any of the pictures but it was just because I had the sun glaring into my face! I was very happy!!!!

The first thing I want to show you is this cute top.Now I got this top in Primark for a bargain £3! I've been loving the peplum style tops (which will become apparent with this haul) & the reason I love them so much is that I think they flatter what I like more about myself (my boobs & waist) whilst hiding the parts of me that I'm not really comfortable with (my tummy!). It is lacy and pale pink so I've opted to wear a skin coloured vest top under it but I suppose it could also be work with a black top to highlight the pink? It has a little key hole on the back which you fasten with a small button but I guess this would normally be covered by my hair!

Primark - £3

Primark - £3
On to my second item - another peplum top! And for an even better deal from Sainsburys for £1!!! Again as this one is a similar colour to the first but has 3/4 length sleeved I've chosen to wear it with a skin coloured top but I could wear a black one under instead. It also has a really cute bow on the back. I found this one a little odd as it's not too stretchy and there is no actual fastening (the bow is just decoration) which I guess is why it was a £1. And because it's not stretchy it almost widens the appearance of my waist (which isn't good!) but I think I could probably fix this with a cute thin black belt maybe with a bow to match the one on the back?
Sainsburys - £1

Sainsburys - £1
Okay - now this is the last peplum top I bought so if you don't like them don't worry! This is one I also got from Saisburys for I think around £5? I really like that it comes right up to my neck as most of my tops a scoop necked or low cut (in a non slutty way) & I thought the spotty pattern was really cute!

Sainsburys - £5?
Another top now this time from H&M which I picked up for a bargain price of £4 I really like H&M especially their sales as you can get so many nice things so cheaply! I think the shorts I'm wearing in most of these pictures were ones I got in H&M last year for around £5! This is a long thin top with a dipped hem which I think is perfect for the hot weather he are currently having as it doesn't cling. At the moment I like wearing it tucked into shorts but when the weather gets cooler, which it inevitably will, I think it will look really cute untucked with a pair of jeans or leggings!

H&M - £4
H&M - £4
H&M - £4
I then picked up this super cute and summery dress in Primark for just £5. I love the blue stripes and flower mix. It also has an amazing back with little bows. I'm deffinately going to be wearing this as much as I can whilst the weather is like it is simply to show off the back but I think I could easily wear it with some tights and a cardi in the Autumn or next Spring.

Primark - £5
Primark - £5
And finally I've saved my favourite for last! I went into Forever 21 and I came across this dress for £14.99 (I think - I ripped the tags off & wore it as soon as I bought it) and I believe there are only 7 Forever 21 stores in the UK so you may have to do a bit of travelling to get to one! I love this dress so much as the vertical stripes are really flattering and I love that it is short and the front and long at the back because you can wear it without showing too much flesh. Yet, saying that I also love the back which is basically cut down to just above my waist. It does make it difficult to wear with a bra because the back strap would be very noticeable but I have a bra that has a clear back strap and if that isn't enough it can also be tied up at the front so you can wear it with a low back! I wore this dress down the South bank in London with wedges and people did seem to notice me - very unusual!!!!

Forever 21 - £14.99?

Forever 21 - £14.99?
So that's it for my clothing haul but keep a look out for my accessory & shoe haul which should be up soon!! I really hoped you liked reading this and please leave any comments and I will reply!!!!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Quick Fix For Broken Nails

Hi everyone! So I don't know about you, but my nails are always breaking! For some reason they are just so weak and I can't grow them too long because either the layers split or a whole chunk breaks. I thought I would share with you today a quick way I found on Pinterest to temporary repair your broken nails.

So to start with: there are a few things you will need

Clear nail varnish - or can be coloured if you prefer

I'm using my Collection (formally Collection 2000) base coat

Glue - ideally you should use nail glue but I don't have any so I use superglue which seems to work!

I'm pretty sure I just got this in a supermarket but I wouldn't know for how much - sorry!
I've just noticed these are from Safeway - just shows how old they are!!

A tea bag

A nail file

I have absolutely no idea where my nail file is from. My nail buffer (the bottom one) is from the Body Shop but as it was given to me a present I don't know how much it was but I cannot imagine it will be over £3??
And sadly, a broken nail

So firstly what you want to do is cut your tea bag open and get rid of the tea as all you need is the bag

Then carefully cut a small square from the tea bag. Depending on how big the breakage of your nail is will determine the size of square you will need

As you can see it almost looks a bit like a small piece of bandage or gauze  that you would use to cover any cuts on your skin - it's basically doing the same job!

Then apply a small bit of glue onto the square you have cut out and position it on the breakage. Firmly press it down onto the nail and make sure it sticks down fully.

Now before doing anything else give the glue a few minutes to set - you don't want it coming off any time soon!

Then grab your nail file and file down the square so it doesn't stick up on your nail so much. If you don't do this when you nail varnish on top (especially coloured) it will be really obvious that there is something under & we don't want that!

One piece is usually all you need but because I was going to be away doing raft building and loads of other activities that would ruin my nails I decided to cut out another small square from the same tea bag and repeat it by placing the second square on the top of the first.

If you do this you will need to do some extra filing just to minimise the size it sticks up, but be careful not to do it too much otherwise you will be basically taking the tea bag off which really defeats the point!

Really sorry for the picture being so blury!
And that's it. Then you can apply your nail varnish over the top. Even if you don't want to use a coloured one I would recommend just a quick clear coat on top just to cement it.

Hope this helped & let me know if your nails are always breaking - I need to know I'm not the only one :P
And if you try it out let me know how it goes! (:

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Backpacking Around Europe - EuroQuest 2013

Hi everyone! So today is the day! I've spent all day rushing around packing and making sure there is nothing I've forgotten. For those of you who don't know what I'm on about, I was selected last year to go on a South West Region international guiding trip around Europe (which I've recently found out we are the first group to try this moving around idea). If you want you can read more about it HERE.

I can't wait to tell you about it when I get back. I hope to take lots of photos and maybe even some videos to show you what I got up to! We have so many exciting things planned such as a Segway tour around Zagreb; visiting the spas in Hungary; watching a show at The National Black Light Theatre in the Czech Republic and so much more!

Although I will be away for about 2 weeks visiting 8 countries but I've written plenty of general beauty blog posts which are scheduled to post whilst I'm away so I won't be abandoning this! For you it will seem like I'm still in the UK blogging away from my bedroom!

So keep checking my blog for new updates and I will see you when I get back!!!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Review 'No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour' in 'Cruising'

Hi everyone! I recently had a voucher for £3 off any No7 make up (including nail varnishes) at Boots so I went to have a little look around but as I don't really wear much make up it seemed a bit pointless spending it of make up so I got a nail varnish! Normally, they are £6 but with this voucher I got it for £3! Most of the colours were shades of pinks & reds and I didn't really want that as I have so many so I got a deep bluey green colour.

Firstly I used my Barry M base coat which I picked up for £2.99 to protect my nails as they break so much! I really like this one as it doubles up as a top coat which a) saves you a bit of money & b) saves you a bit of room in your bag if you are going away!

I then applied the first coat of colour. I put on a very thin coat after last time my nails didn't dry properly so as you can see it's a little bit opaque but if you did apply a little thicker of a coat I think you would be able to get away with only one coat of colour. The bottle claims to be highly pigmented & quick drying but I'm not too sure about the quick drying aspect as it still took a good 10 minutes or so to dry.

I then put the second coat of colour on and I think the colour is really strong now

I then used the Barry M base and top coat on the top and cleaned up the mess I made painting them et voila!

I really liked this colour. It's not particularly summery in my opinion but it is a really nice colour. Thinking about it... I'm not sure really what season this colour is - can it be all? I would really recommend this brand and this colour because it has such a glossy finish to it even without the top coat & I really don't like nail varnishes with a matt finish but each to their own.

Let me know your opinion on the colour and if you've tried any No7 nail varnish before! Thank you for reading (:

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Prom 2013!

Hi everyone! So last Thursday I had my leavers prom so I thought I would share it with you. I know it's not my usual beauty review but fear not - more of them will be coming soon!

So, the most important thing first: THE DRESS! In year 7 (5 years ago) me and my friends went to Bath to go shopping and we were all trying on prom dresses and we went into Jane Norman and I absolutely fell in love with this dress. So 5 years later I thought I would see if I could find it on Ebay and lo and behold someone was selling a brand new one in my size and without any hesitate I bought it for around £25 and I love it so much!

Then came the shoes. After getting my dress at a bargain price I thought I would push the boat out a bit and I ended up getting my shoes in Kurt Geiger. I cannot walk in heels - I look like a baby giraffe; but not in a cute way! So I decided to get shoes with a tiny heel and found these black sparkly ones for only £29 - amazing price especially for Kurt Geiger! They are so comfy and I can easily wear them again as they could easily be worn dressed down if I ever find a job!

Onto the accessories. I got my bag in Debenhams with the ticket price of £16 but I'm pretty sure I got it half price in one of their many sales. It's got a lovely bow design and held my money, phone & make up so absolutely perfect.
I then got my earrings from San Francisco. I have no idea where exactly they were from but I'm pretty sure they were from a shop on Pier 39 and I think I got them from about $15. My necklace was then from F.Hinds for around the £20 mark. They are so gorgeous and I will definitely be wearing them both again so I have no regrets on the price!!

I then got my hair clips from the Dorothy House Hospice shop where I used my volunteer discount (oh yes!) and got them for just £1.

My hair was done by my lovely hair dresser: Donata who works at Centre Stage in Chippenham! They are so lovely there. I got my ears pierced there and my hair has been dyed several time by student hair dressers and I've never had any issues! The prices are great and the atmosphere is also lovely. Anywho, all I wanted done was to have my hair curled and she did a great job - so thank you!!

Then my make up. Now normally I don't wear much make up; a dab of mascara and some concealer usually does me! So I got Rachel (Neate Beauty) who has done my eye brows a couple of times and my Mum goes to her for facials. She made sure it was quite natural as I'm not used to wear that much and she was so lovely so I would definitely recommend checking her out if you live in the Chippenham/ Wiltshire area.

Finally - transport! We went in a VW Campervan! My friend knew some guys (who were friends of her Dad) who were re doing it so she asked them if we could borrow it for the night and they said yes! As cute as it looks on the outside, the inside was amazing! My friend had decorated it with pictures of all of us over the years we had known each other along with some cute bunting.

So that was my prom! I hope you enjoyed this slightly different kind of post (: