Monday, 2 September 2013

Review of MUA Lipsticks

Hi everyone! Until about 3 months ago I'd never heard of  the brand MUA. That was until my sister came home raving about an eyeshadow pallet she had just bought. It's basically a brand that is only available Superdrug or online and it is so incredibly cheap but the amazing thing is although the price is low the quality of the products isn't (or at least the ones I've heard about)!

As you may know I don't really wear much makeup - a little concealer and a dab of mascara and I'm good to go! But I've been feeling a bit facial/cosmetically boring lately so I thought I would buy some lipsticks to spice things up so I went to have a look at MUA in my local Superdrug and saw the lipsticks were only £1!!!

The packaging isn't anything fancy, but then again, neither are some other high end lipsticks such as some of MACs lipsticks. I quite like the simple black tube with a silver ring as a break in the middle as it I think it looks quite elegany. I absolutely love that you can take off the little pot on the bottom of the tube and use it with a brush when your lipstick runs out! I thought this was a brilliant idea as it gives you some time if you run out and can't get to buy another one straight away.

The first shade I picked up was 'Shade 1' which is a very deep wine red. I've especially seen Zoella wearing a dark shade of red on her lips in her recent videos and it looks really nice on her so thought I would give it a go!

It's really nice to apply, the colour goes straight onto your lips and your lips feel sort of moisturised rather than the sticky feel some lipsticks have.

I think it's a little dark for me personally as I'm pretty pale and it just makes me look paler but that might just be because I'm not used to wearing anything like this.Maybe if I wore a little more face make up, like foundation, it might look better?

The second one I picked up was 'Shade 14' which also has the name 'Bare' on the label. It's a nude colour that looks amazing on.

This one looks the best on in my opinion and it really moisturises your lips at the same time!

This was my favourite one out of the 4 as I am happy to wear it out as it isn't too bold. I've worn it quite a few times now and I think it looks gorgeous!

The next one I picked up 'Shade 13' which is a much brighter red than previously and more of the classic red you see lots of people wearing.

This one was similar in application to the dark red; it went on smoothly and felt really good on my lips.

I love the colour but as I'm just starting out wearing lipsticks I think it might be a little too bright for me at the moment as I'm still not 100% comfortable wearing lipstick out. Fingers crossed that will change!

The final shade I picked up was 'Shade 2' which is a sort of bright pink colour which I found matched my hair when I dip dyed it for the second time.

Again it's really nice to apply. I felt this one more so than the first seemed a bit cakey but once I had blended it with my finger it was good to go!

I really like it as it's something different from the classic red and the simple nude colours but I'm not sure many occasions have arisen where this colour matched with my outfit but hopefully I'll find something soon!

I really like all of the MUA lipsticks I have tried and for a £1 it's an absolute bargain! I would wholeheartedly recommend you having a look at the lipsticks MUA has to offer as they've got quite a broad selection for you to choose from if you didn't particularly like the colours I picked up. I know I will be going back in and picking up a couple more in different shades.

Let me know if you've tried anything from MUA and what you thought about. Thanks for reading!