Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Where have you been???

Hi everyone! I am so so so sorry! I realised I haven't written a new post for about 3 months now and I'm so sorry I just kind of stopped! I did write a little post before saying that I might not be able to post every week because so much was going on in my life but I think I may have under estimated that massively! So I thought I would bring you up to date!

I am well into my As Levels now in sixth form. If you were interested I am doing them in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, History and DT Product Design! But doing 5 subjects has proved a lot harder than I originally anticipated and sometimes I do question if I have bitten off more than I can chew! But I am enjoying it so much and the freedom and respect you get in Sixth Form is great! So I know some of you might be in the middle of deciding what you are going to do next year and I would totally recommend going to sixth form or college if you can - although I wouldn't recommend taking on 5 subjects!

I have also been working 16 hours a week at Boots now and I absolutely love it! I'm not going to lie though - standing on the till for 8 hours or going in and out of the stock room re stacking the shelves is a lot of hard work but the people there are so nice and the working atmosphere there is great! When the tills are quite you can have a chat with anyone else who is on the tills with you and I've met so many nice people! The one problem working there is the trains! I live about a 10 minute train ride away but I work on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday and the trains aren't as frequent as I would like! So instead of spending 16 hours in Bath I'm actually spending about 25 hours over the week which just makes me even more tired than I would usually be - I've been using my frees at the moment to try and catch up with sleep which probably isn't the best use of the time but I need it!!!

Another thing I haven't been able to do is keep my room tidy so just ignore the mess!!!!!!

So with all this going on top of the things I already do in the week such as Rainbows, Brownies, Rangers, going to the gym, I just haven't been able to justify spending the few hours I have writing blog posts which I know sounds incredibly rude but I don't mean it like that and I know you will understand!

BUT I HAVE GOOD NEWS! I am currently working towards my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which is an award you can get by completing lots of different sections and at the end you go to Buckingham Palace to get your certificate!!! That is a pretty poor description but you can either Google it or I'll probably write a post about it at some point! One of the sections is a skills section and guess what?! I can put blogging down in that section! This means that I'll have a legitimate reason to devote my time to making this blog better so expect a lot more posts in the new year (and hopefully a couple before)!

So was just supposed to be a quick update and to let you know I'll be back soon but it ended up turning into a bit of a ramble - sorry! Thanks for reading!