Sunday, 28 December 2014

Born Pretty Store Glitter Nail Wraps

DISCLAIMER: I've been sent this product by Born Pretty Store for my honest review which is exactly what I've given you!

Hi everyone! So a few weeks back Allison from Born Pretty Store contacted me asking if I would like to review some of their products on here which was very exciting for me as I've had this blog for just over a year now and this is the first set of products that have been sent to me! I've read a couple of other reviews and have looked at the site before and what was such a pleasant surprise to me was the price - everything is so reasonably priced! From placing my order to receiving it took just under a month but their delivery times vary based on your location!

So as well as choosing 3 stamping plates (which you can read about here!) they also kindly let me choose 2 other items and this is the first one I'd like to share with you. Now I've only really used nail wraps once before and it was a bit for a disaster to be honest; they didn't fit my nails properly and I didn't put them on very well so there were creases everywhere but I thought it was time to give nail wraps another go! So I chose these Glitter Gradient Wraps which are only £1.84!!! With this design there are 13 different colours to choose from and I chose #5 which is a a warm brown shade as I thought it was something different to what I usually wear on my nails!

In the pack you get 12 wraps of varying sizes and although they probably won't be exactly the perfect size for you nails you can get pretty close and there some handy instructions on the back if you've never used wraps before. 

So you peel off the protective cover and then very carefully you can peel off each individual nail wrap and then place it onto your own. 

Once it's on it's quite hard to readjust so my advice would be to just hover it over your nail when you are trying to position it. Place it onto you nail and then smooth it down starting from the middle to ensure there are no creases. This was all a lot easier than I remember it being and I had no creases at all! All you've then got to do is cut off the excess and file it to neaten the edges. You don't have to but I put a top coat on just to make sure they stayed on.

I was so impressed with these wraps! They look so pretty and I like the gradient effect they have and I got a surprising number of people ask me how I managed to do it! They're great if nail painting isn't your strength or a major selling point for me is how quickly you can put them on and don't have to wait for them to dry! They last remarkably well without chipping too! I had them on a whole week and the only damage to them was me getting some glue on them in DT and it accidentally taking some of the wrap with it when I peeled it off!

With free shipping and them being so cheap anyway I will be ordering some other colours to try out! If you like any of the plates I chose or there's something else that takes you fancy you can use my 10% off code on your next order!

Hope you enjoyed this review - let me know what you think! Do you use nail wraps or do you prefer painting them? Thanks for reading!