Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Favourite Nail Care Products

Hi everyone! Recently my nails have been breaking and splitting and my hands have been so dry partly because of the cold weather and partly because at work I'm washing my hands almost 15 times a shift with medical soap and no moisturiser! So I've taken a little break from painting my nails but I wanted to share with you what I've been doing instead to get my nails fiting fit again! 

I got this cuticle oil for Christmas and have been applying it 3 times a day (ideally I would be applying it more often but I can hardly take it to school with me) and I think it's actually been helping! 

Then I use this No 7 cuticle cream which I rub into my nails and around them after the oil has soaked in a bit. It was actually pretty affordable seeing as Boots are always giving discount vouchers off No 7 all the time! 

I use Hand Food by Soap and Glory during the day because it's light and absorbs fast which is great because I hate having oilly hands when I'm trying to write at school! The scent is quite strong and lasts quite a while which I like - I'm don't really know how to explain the smell but it's quite sweet? 

At night I alternate between Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula concentrated cream and The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector.

The Body Shop hand cream is really moisturising and my hands feel so soft in the morning but it is very heavy and takes quite a while to absorb which is why I only use it at night. The smell isn't anything amazing just kind of planty! 

The Palmers one is a high concentrated cream so you don't need a huge amount because a little goes a long way! It also smells really good and chocolatey which is always good! It's not as heavy as The Body Shop one so if my hands are really dry I can get away with wearing it during the day and no worrying about greasy hands! 

Hope you liked this slightly different blog post! How do you keep your nails in good condition with the strains of everyday life? Thanks for reading!