Sunday, 12 January 2014

EuroQuest: Day 7 - Vienna

Hi everyone! So I was the first one up as I wanted to have a shower in the morning and I stumbled out of essentially the draw with a mattress and in into the bathroom. As I was getting undressed I caught sight of this little brown mark on the side of my rib. My first thought was 'Oh great - a tic!' so I had a quick look but it was kind of hard to see. It didn't really look like a tic (from the pictures I'd seen) and none of us had got one yet. It was still there after my shower so I showed it to the people in my room but none of us thought it was a tic but we called Sheila round to double check! I'm sure you've guessed now that it was in fact a tic and oh my god it didn't want to come out! Sheila had this card which safely pulls tics out but it took a fair few tries before it was out!

After I was rid of my little visitor we headed outside to go and find a tram to take us to the Haus der Musik or the House of Music in English! Vici went up to this really fancy tram to ask where we could get a normal one to take us but the 2 men that had hired this tram to take them around the city offered us a lift there! Perks of being Girl Guides I guess! The journey there was so funny! The drivers assistant was supposed to be giving commentary as we drove around but he handed the microphone to Fran who gave a wonderful if slightly inaccurate commentary which had us all in stitches!

The tram
The House of Music was so gorgeous just on the outside and as we walked in we could hear this wonderful piano music drifting through the hallway. We assumed it was speakers with pre-recorded music on but as he entered the main hall we saw it was another tourist playing this amazing grand piano! It turned out anyone cold have a go playing it if they wanted too!

House of Music
Piano music
There were so many strange interactive things to do once we were inside including a very odd room where weird music was playing and you had to dance around to make images appear on the screen. The best thing though was in one room you could virtually conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra by standing in front of a screen and sort of like a Wii you moved your baton to conduct them! If you are ever in Vienna this is definitely a place you have to go to!

Having a go conducting

Some sculptures near the enterance

A giant drum
After that we caught another tram to Prater Park which is a sort of theme park but more with rides you would see at fairs or carnivals just on a much bigger scale! We were all given a couple of tokens to go on some rides and off we went! One ride that caught my eye looked very similar to 'Air' at Alton Towers which I had ridden a couple of years ago and loved! However when we got on I noticed it was very different to Air! Instead of being strapped in you had to step into what basically was a cage without a back and we were there like okay they'll put a back on in a minute because some of it involves us going with out backs to the floor so we might fall out. But did they... oh no! The only thing stopping you from falling was your ability to hold on! We were kind of relieved we survived when it finally came to an end!

Prater Park

House of Horrors 

The terrifying ride!

Off we go!
We went for dinner in one of the restaurants on site and I think it was Sara and Evie ordered this drink which they had no idea what it was but when it came out it was in such giant glasses everyone was a bit taken back! After trying a little bit it turned out to be this really nice fruit flavoured drink that if my memory serves me correctly was kind of sparkling, Emii and I got one each! I really wish I could remember what it was called because it's something I would love to have again!

If you want to see more I filmed a bit of what we were doing so you can check that out below. The video is a montage of several clips and pictures throughout the time we spent in Vienna as apposed to these blog posts which a split by day.


I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel free to leave any comments!