Sunday, 26 January 2014

Review of 'Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish Fruities' in 'Strawberry Fizz'

Hi everyone! I was scanning through my nail varnish collection and this caught my eye as I don't think I've worn it before. It's not really a colour I wear so I was surprised I had bought it but then after reading the back I realised it was a scented one! (Which is what I imagine compelled me to buy it). You can pick them up pretty much anywhere as they've been around for a while now for £2.99.

It's a very Barbie Pink kind of colour so I'm not really sure why it is named ' Strawberry Fizz' as I don't think I've ever seen a strawberry that colour!

I used my Barry M base coat as usual, to make sure my nails were protected.

Then, I applied the first coat of colour. I have to say I didn't really notice the scent at first but after it had been drying for a little bit it was quite noticeable. However, I would not have said it smelled very life like, it was a very sweet sickly strawberry scent sort of similar to those scented fruit balls you can get. It did go on very smoothly though just like the other Rimmel nail varnishes I own which was a great plus although it was a little streaky.

After applying a second coat the smell got a little bit stronger but you did have to sniff the nails quite hard to get a whiff. 

I only applied a top coat onto one of my hands as an experiment to see if it masked the smell. By the next morning the scent had definitely faded more on the nails with a top coat which wasn't really a surprise! However, by the day after your could no longer smell anything from nails without the top coat on either! They did manage not to chip a huge amount though which I was pretty impressed by as I've been doing my DT coursework all week which has included gluing and sanding of wood and plastic and by the end of the week they still looked somewhat acceptable!

I wouldn't really recommend you buy it if it's the scent you are after because it doesn't stay around long and is very artificial - although I did read that some of the others in the range have a longer lasting scent. Personally, I don't really like this colour as Barbie pink doesn't really suit me, but the fact that they stayed on so well was a huge bonus! Let me know if you've tried scented nail varnish before and how it turned out for you! Thanks for reading!