Sunday, 9 March 2014

EuroQuest: Day 9 - Prague/German Scout Camp

Hi everyone! So this was basically a full on day of travelling with 4 trains we had to catch with only minutes between  some of them! We had breakfast in the hostel and they had this adorable little pots of nutella and even though I don't like nutella (don't kill me!) I still picked one up to take home because they were so cool.

All credit for this photo to Sara!!!! 
We then embarked to catch our first train and I've never see a train so busy. The train was like the old fashioned Harry Potter style trains with individual little cabins to sit in and a long corridor connecting them all and that was where we had to sit! So we were mind our own business, singing songs and trying to do the infamous pony song sat down when some guys in one of the cabins started laughing at us and trying to join in. We'd got used to this but then he rudely opened the door from his cabin and put his burger king rubbish out in the corridor with us. Naturally, we all gave him the dirtiest look we could master up and he sheepishly opened the door again and took his rubbish back in!

Stuck in the corridor
We got off that train and onto the next one! The train was really fancy and it even had English speaking radio stations! We finally got to a really big station and went off to go get some food. Naturally we made a beeline for McDonalds and they had these really nice tasting fruit slushies in loads of different flavours. I love cirtus fruits so naturally I got the lemon one and it was so nice! On our way back to our bags we bumped into a group of German scouts who were on their way to or making their way back from a jamboree in Germany.

The German scouts we met
View from the train window
We still had two more trains to catch but because our previous trains had been late and then these ones were as well we ended up missing our connections so we had to get on different trains than had originally been planned.
In the corridor again
The pile of bags
 Finally we got to the last train station and we were greeted by the people who were in charge of the scout camp and they gave us a lift up to the camp as it was quite a way away from town up near the Harz mountains. The scout camp was a lot smaller than I had envisioned it as as far as we could see no one else was staying there! We did meet some Dutch scouts but they were a lot older than us but we did give them some of our Euro Quest badges.

Squished into the car on the way to the camp site
Tash's Niall displaying our EuroQuest badge rather nicely!
If you want to see more I filmed a bit of what we were doing so you can check that out here:
The video is a montage of several clips and pictures throughout the time we spent in Prague & the Scout Camp in the Harz Mountains as apposed to these blog posts which a split by day.