Monday, 17 March 2014

Nail Art - Polka Dots

Hi everyone! So I know I normally do just reviews of different nail varnishes I was thinking about being a little more adventurous and trying out different nail art styles as series of blog posts, so I thought I would start off simple with polka dots! For my birthday my sister got me a set of dotting tools which vary in size so you can get tiny dots and huge ones! I love the design of the tools them self because you can twist them around and it looks really cool.

Personally I think dots on nails look best when it is white dots on top of colour so I went for the classic black and white polka dot. I couldn't decide whether black dots on a white base; or white dots on a black base would look better so I incorporated a bit of both with an accent nail.

So I started by applying my base coat as I always get a bit nervous when I'm using very dark colours on my nails as I've had a lot of bad experience with my nails staining. I used my Sally Hansen one as it drys so quickly!

Then I applied my base white colour to 4 of my nails and then I painted my ring finger nail with a black base to create an accent nail by inverting the colours. Both nail varnishes are from NYC color and are £2.49.

I applied a second coat of both nail vanishes because I felt the white was a bit patchy and weak with only one coat and I needed it to stand out. Although the black didn't really need a second coat I thought I might as well!

Now for the fun part! I put a blob of the same white nail vanish I had used as a base onto a bit of paper and I read that it made the dots look a lot better rather than trying to paint onto the dotting tool. I chose the largest ball size because I did want quite big polka dots. I dipped it at 90 to the paper straight into the polish and then did the first few dots on my accent nail. Obviously after 1 or 2 you will need some more polish on your dotter so just dip it back in.

It's important to clean your dotting tools because they are made of metal so you don't want them to rust or end up with dried polish on the end. I then did exactly the same putting a blob of black nail varnish onto the a paper and then dotted the remaining 8 nails.

I then sealed it all with my Barry M top coat and tidied up all the bits that went on my skin and they were all done!

I love how they look and got loads of compliments on them today. I think they work really well because they go with everything and look really classic. Dotting your nails is probably the easiest from of nail art so if you don't already have nail dotting tool I would recommend you getting some as they are really cheap if you do a search on Ebay or Amazon. If you don't want to buy some you could always use the head of a pin but I'm not sure it will work as well. Let me know if you think the nail art series is a good idea and if you love the polka dot look as much as I do! Thanks for reading!