Sunday, 23 March 2014

EuroQuest: Day 10 - German Scout Camp

Hi everyone! So after a busy day of travelling we were allowed a wonderful lie in after our first night at the scout camp... well we had breakfast at 10 which is probably the latest time we've had to get up on the whole trip! After breakfast we set out on a walk into the nearest town which was a lot further away than we thought! On the way we noticed there was a lot of statues of witches and goblins which is apparently something to do with the myths and legends of the Harz mountains which I thought it was really cute!

We stopped into a shop on the way to the town to buy some lunch and it was so cheap! I picked up some deodorant and lemonade for only 1.50 (strange combination I know but I forgot to put the lid on my deodorant when we were travelling the day before so all my clothes smelt great but with none left I didn't!) To add to the 'Dragon Fruit' capri sun we had earlier on we found another amazingly strange one called 'Fairy Drink' which was really sweet!

After we finished eating our lunch and drinking our Fairy Drinks we headed through the town back up to the mountains to find the cable car that would take us up to the top of the mountains. It was obviously a popular thing to head up to the top of the mountains and then mountain bike down them because so many people in were taking their bikes up on the cars which had special hooks on the back to hang your bikes onto, although they were just hanging there so I would've been so scared that they would've just fallen off!

There wasn't really much at the top except routes to walk back down! We did stop in a little shop which was selling a lot of memorabilia related to these myths and more importantly they sold ice cream which we noticed by the giant magnum situated right outside!

On the way back down on the cable car ski lift we decided to let everyone know that we were Girl Guides by singing boom chicka boom! It's basically a mimic song so it was decided that Evie and Tash who were in the middle of the 5 cars we filled up would lead and we would all shout back. We did get some very strange looks from all the people coming up!

When we got back to the Scout camp we ran up to the top of the scout camp to quickly meet up with some German scouts who were just about to leave. We managed to do some swaps including getting some of their left over food before they left!

If you want to see more I filmed a bit of what we were doing so you can check that out here:
The video is a montage of several clips and pictures throughout the time we spent at the Scout Camp in the Harz Mountains as apposed to these blog posts which a split by day.