Friday, 13 March 2015

Red Nose Day 2015!!

Hi everyone! So today, as I'm sure you're aware if you live in the UK, is Red Nose Day which is basically a day where we raise money for charity and help to transform the lives of people in the UK and across Africa.

As with every year at school we have a mufti day where you bring in £1 to not wear school uniform for the day, but in sixth form we take it a step further and have a dress up day! This year the theme was TV and film characters so myself and my friend decided to go as Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural!) but there was a huge variety or group, couples and individual costumes ranging from the toy soldiers from Toy Story to the Powerpuff girls, the Tardis to Jesse Pinkman! It's all just a bit of fun! 

"Look at these male modelling sons of bitches - nice Blue Steel Sam!"
I also picked up some really cute nail wraps from Sainsburys for £2 and I only realised when I opened them that as well as getting 14 wraps you also got a collection of small red nose stickers which I didn't use this time but at least I'm prepared for next time! I might even be able to reuse the wraps because they're quite long so I can probably use the other half if my nails are short!

Hope you enjoyed reading how I've been doing my bit - So let me know what you've been up to to raise money for Comic Relief!