Saturday, 31 August 2013

Opinions on Low Back Dresses

Hi everyone! So I went out recently to celebrate one of my friends birthday which I had missed because I was away in Europe at the time. We decided to go to TGI Fridays in Bath, which is not a particularly posh restaurant but we decided to dress up a little for the fun of it!

I decided to wear a dress I bought from Forever 21 which had a pretty low back (I actually included it in a haul which you can see HERE) with some wedges as I am one of the shortest in our friendship group!

Before going out I did a bit of a search on low back dresses to see what people thought of them when I came across a Wikipedia article on backless dresses which stated:
"The wearer usually had to be slim to be able to pull off the effect"
I'd never really thought about about what body type people had to be in order to pull of this kind of dress but when I searched for 'Low back dresses plus size' literally nothing came up! I don't really see myself as being thin as I wear a size 10/12, but then again I'm not particularly plus sized either, yet I thought this dress looked okay on me?

Lots of people also seemed to dislike the idea that you had your whole back on show. I know Fleur (FleurDeForce) mentioned in one of her haul videos that she didn't like dresses that had the lower back cut out as it wasn't very flattering, but I don't know if she meant a dress like this or I've seen some dress that just have a piece cut out just above your waist. Granted this dress isn't fully exposing my back but there is still a fair bit on show.

I know this is a very short post but I just wanted to know your opinions really - do you think you have to be super slim to pull of a backless dress or can it suit anyone? Let me know and I hope you enjoyed reading this!