Monday, 10 June 2013

Review of 'Blaze Solar Active Nail Varnish: Pearl to Blackberry'

So I bought this polish over a year ago in an attempt to get around the school rules of no obvious nail varnish as inside it is a pearly colour but then as the sun hits it it turns into a deep purple. I'm not sure how much I paid for it but I think it was around the £6 mark from Amazon.

As this was over I year ago I do believe that the brand has changed name to 'Ruby and Wing' and from doing a bit of searching are now sold in bigger bottles for just under £10 with a lot more colours available than when I bought mine.

Inside colour in the bottle
I was so excited to test it out when it came but the problem with living in England is there are very few days of bright sunshine in a row. You do need bright sunshine to experience the full effect as I found out when I went out when there was only a little bit of sun it didn't change fully and transformed into a horrible grey colour.

So this is what it looked like on in bright sunshine:

Inside and outside on the nail and with the bottle
I found that the pearly was very streaky even after a couple of coats but this was unnoticeable outside. I also found it annoying that you can't apply a top coat otherwise it blocks the UV rays from changing the colour of the polish. This meant that my nails chipped even quicker than usual.

As much as I loved the concept of it I needed about 5 coats to get a super noticeable colour change. Personally I wouldn't recommend this colour in particular - I only chose it to fit with school rules as the only other option was clear to black which isn't really my style! But I love the idea and I'm considering buying a different colour from the new range to see if the formula has changed with the brand. However I would definitely check other peoples reviews before buying as £10 is quite a bit if it turns out to be rubbish!! Thank you for reading (: