Friday, 7 June 2013

Review of 'NYC Expert Last Nail Polish' in 'Lights-Camera-Glitter'

I started with a base colour which if you haven't already you can check it out HERE as I'm not too keen on putting glitter on without a base colour as I just don't think it looks as good unless you wear about 5 coats to get it strong. This doesn't apply to all glitter nail polishes - I do have some that cover the whole nail in a coat so it would be pointless applying a base colour first as you just wouldn't be able to see it!

So I bought this polish in a 2 for £3 deal on all NYC nail varnishes in Superdrug but the nail varnish is only £2.49 on it's own so a great bargain!

I put on a first coat and to be honest I wasn't too impressed! As you can see there are tiny glittery bits and the slightly larger pieces of blue and silver glitter. These larger pieces didn't seem to distribute too well on my nails. Some only had 1 or two pieces whereas others had 5 or 6! It's not a major thing but I felt it could have had a higher consistency of the large pieces in comparison to the smaller ones. It did however slide on smoothy and the brush was pretty good at doing the whole nail in 2 streaks.

I waited only 10 minutes and it was completely dry - which was a bonus as it wasn't advertised as a quick drying nail polish!

I then applied another coat only to try and even out the spread of the larger pieces of glitter and it didn't look so bad.

 To finish off I applied a coat coat which was actually just a clear nail varnish from The Natural Collection at Boots. I believe I'm right in saying on its own it's £1.99 but often there is an offer where you can get 3 for £5! It has gone slightly pinky as I put it on top of a red that hadn't fully dried but this is only noticeable in the bottle - it looks crystal clear on the nail!

I then cleaned up all the mess on the skin with a couple of cotton buds dipped in nail varnish remover and voila! There you have it!

To be perfectly honest I wasn't overly impressed with this glitter nail polish as even though it's cheap; in comparison to some of my other glitter varnishes from Barry M it just isn't up to scratch and they were only £2.99 so not that much difference! There a probably quite a few better ones on the market for only a slight bit more as I felt this one just didn't look as good as I hoped it would! There is nothing wrong with the varnish itself so if you like the effect then go for it! For me though it just wasn't what I was looking for. Thank you for reading (: