Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Review of 'NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish' in 'Lincoln Square Lavender'

Hi everyone! So again another of my current favourite nail varnishes at the moment: NYC Quick Dry! If you haven't read my previous blog post you will not understand my obsession with this brand! They have recently been on offer in Superdrug: 2 for £3 which is an absolute bargain! And they are only £1.79 by themselves anyway!

So I chose this one as another summery pastel like colour. Although the name suggests lavender it is in no real way any sort of shade of purple - which is my understanding of the colour lavender! But the colour is such a nice dusty sort of pale pink colour and is something that you could easily wear without attracting too much attention  if that is what you are after.

So of course I applied my base coat first. I can't stress how important it is to wear a base coat. Not so much with this sort of shade of pink but last summer I made the fatal mistake of painting my nails a lovely grass green colour without a base coat!!! My nails were stained so bad and I had to keep painting them just to hide the fact that I was stupid enough not to use a base coat! Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangent there! So yes, this is the base coat I always use from Collection for I believe £2.99.

I then applied the first coat of colour and as I've noticed with this range one coat just doesn't give me an opaque enough colour but it wasn't awful and I always apply a very thin coat as for some reason regardless of the varnish being quick dry or not it still takes a while to dry! (Personally I blame my poor circulation!) Again please ignore the mess of my painting - I will sort it out at the end!!!!

Still a little bit see through 
I then applied the second coat and immediately looked so much better and more like the colour in the bottle.

Much better!
Recently, I've been pretty obsessed with the fashion of having an accent nail. For anyone who doesn't know (sorry, but where have you been?!) it's where you paint one nail slightly different to the rest whether that be a contrasting colour, glitter or beaded!

I decided to use another one from the NYC collection! I was debating whether to do this as a separate review like last time but as I only did only 2 nails I thought I'd just make 1 extra long review.

So this is the 'NYC Expert Last Nail Polish' in 'Gramercy Glitz' and it's a gorgeous really pale pink in the bottle but could easily go on any nail varnish colour as it isn't hugely pink on the nail. Again I got it in a 2 for £3 deal and on it's own it's £2.49.

I went on really easily and smoothly and there was a fair amount of glitter on the first coat but as I was using it on only one nail I really wanted it to stand out so I ended up putting on a further coat to make it really noticeable.

One coat of glitter on my ring finger
Two coats of glitter - much more sparkly! 
I then finished it all off with my make shift top coat - a clear nail varnish from 'The Natural Collection' at Boots.

It's not actually pink! 
Et Voila! All cleaned up and looking lovely! I think it looks so cute and girly as it's not in you face like brighter shades are but that's the joy of pastel colours!

I would really recommend both the base colour and the glitter nail varnish as they are just so pretty and you really can't go wrong for £3! Thank you for reading (: