Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Review of 'NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish' in 'Raindrop'

Hi everyone! So here is yet another review of a NYC nail polish! This time I opted for 'Raindrop' which is a pale pastel like blue (I think I might be right in saying powder blue?) as the sun is still shining, or at least trying to, and now we have had the longest day it is technically summer in England! So again this bottle is £1.79 on it's own or as I bought it on a 2 for £3 deal in Superdrug.

I assumed that all Superdrug stores stock this brand but when I went into Bath to do some shopping I popped into Superdrug and couldn't find it anywhere. I found this a little strange as this shop is much bigger than the small one in my town so I'm sorry if the Superdrug near you doesn't stock it but I guess you can always order online (:

Right on we go! Of course first I applied my trusty base coat but it really doesn't matter what base coat you use - this was just a cheap one that does the job from Collection.

Then on went the first coat. As I have found with pretty much all of the NYC Quick Dry nail polishes, you can't leave it with one coat. It's a little streaky and I found this one went on a little more unevenly than the others but that could be something to do with it being in my hot bag all day!

But of course with the second coat it looks great! It is now really opaque and is a gorgeous summery colour.

Finally I added the top coat and cleaned up any rogue polish from my skin and it's all done!

I love this colour and it's a steal for £1.79! My friend asked me where I got the polish from as she loved the colour and of course I was only too happy to let her know! Thank you for reading (: