Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Prom 2013!

Hi everyone! So last Thursday I had my leavers prom so I thought I would share it with you. I know it's not my usual beauty review but fear not - more of them will be coming soon!

So, the most important thing first: THE DRESS! In year 7 (5 years ago) me and my friends went to Bath to go shopping and we were all trying on prom dresses and we went into Jane Norman and I absolutely fell in love with this dress. So 5 years later I thought I would see if I could find it on Ebay and lo and behold someone was selling a brand new one in my size and without any hesitate I bought it for around £25 and I love it so much!

Then came the shoes. After getting my dress at a bargain price I thought I would push the boat out a bit and I ended up getting my shoes in Kurt Geiger. I cannot walk in heels - I look like a baby giraffe; but not in a cute way! So I decided to get shoes with a tiny heel and found these black sparkly ones for only £29 - amazing price especially for Kurt Geiger! They are so comfy and I can easily wear them again as they could easily be worn dressed down if I ever find a job!

Onto the accessories. I got my bag in Debenhams with the ticket price of £16 but I'm pretty sure I got it half price in one of their many sales. It's got a lovely bow design and held my money, phone & make up so absolutely perfect.
I then got my earrings from San Francisco. I have no idea where exactly they were from but I'm pretty sure they were from a shop on Pier 39 and I think I got them from about $15. My necklace was then from F.Hinds for around the £20 mark. They are so gorgeous and I will definitely be wearing them both again so I have no regrets on the price!!

I then got my hair clips from the Dorothy House Hospice shop where I used my volunteer discount (oh yes!) and got them for just £1.

My hair was done by my lovely hair dresser: Donata who works at Centre Stage in Chippenham! They are so lovely there. I got my ears pierced there and my hair has been dyed several time by student hair dressers and I've never had any issues! The prices are great and the atmosphere is also lovely. Anywho, all I wanted done was to have my hair curled and she did a great job - so thank you!!

Then my make up. Now normally I don't wear much make up; a dab of mascara and some concealer usually does me! So I got Rachel (Neate Beauty) who has done my eye brows a couple of times and my Mum goes to her for facials. She made sure it was quite natural as I'm not used to wear that much and she was so lovely so I would definitely recommend checking her out if you live in the Chippenham/ Wiltshire area.

Finally - transport! We went in a VW Campervan! My friend knew some guys (who were friends of her Dad) who were re doing it so she asked them if we could borrow it for the night and they said yes! As cute as it looks on the outside, the inside was amazing! My friend had decorated it with pictures of all of us over the years we had known each other along with some cute bunting.

So that was my prom! I hope you enjoyed this slightly different kind of post (: