Saturday, 20 July 2013

Review 'No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour' in 'Cruising'

Hi everyone! I recently had a voucher for £3 off any No7 make up (including nail varnishes) at Boots so I went to have a little look around but as I don't really wear much make up it seemed a bit pointless spending it of make up so I got a nail varnish! Normally, they are £6 but with this voucher I got it for £3! Most of the colours were shades of pinks & reds and I didn't really want that as I have so many so I got a deep bluey green colour.

Firstly I used my Barry M base coat which I picked up for £2.99 to protect my nails as they break so much! I really like this one as it doubles up as a top coat which a) saves you a bit of money & b) saves you a bit of room in your bag if you are going away!

I then applied the first coat of colour. I put on a very thin coat after last time my nails didn't dry properly so as you can see it's a little bit opaque but if you did apply a little thicker of a coat I think you would be able to get away with only one coat of colour. The bottle claims to be highly pigmented & quick drying but I'm not too sure about the quick drying aspect as it still took a good 10 minutes or so to dry.

I then put the second coat of colour on and I think the colour is really strong now

I then used the Barry M base and top coat on the top and cleaned up the mess I made painting them et voila!

I really liked this colour. It's not particularly summery in my opinion but it is a really nice colour. Thinking about it... I'm not sure really what season this colour is - can it be all? I would really recommend this brand and this colour because it has such a glossy finish to it even without the top coat & I really don't like nail varnishes with a matt finish but each to their own.

Let me know your opinion on the colour and if you've tried any No7 nail varnish before! Thank you for reading (: