Sunday, 14 July 2013

Review of 'NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish' in 'Lexington Yellow'

Hi everyone! So I was watching Zoe's (also know as Zoella) June Favourites video (which if you haven't already watched you can watch it by clicking HERE) and she had this fun yellow nail varnish on which inspired me to have a dig through the abyss that is my nail varnish box and find a yellow to try out and show you!

Now she was wearing 'Fluro Yello' from 'Urban Outfitters' but I'm going to be using yet another one from the 'NYC' brand. As per usual, this is £1.79 but no doubt I bought this on a 3 for 2 deal!

Firstly, I started off by applying my base coat, but what's this?! Yes, that's right - I bought a new one. My nails have been braking so much recently I thought I would go out a try and find something to fix that. I came across this nail varnish which claims to be a top coat, a base coat & a nail hardener! And it was only £2.99!

I then applied the first coat of colour. Now I don't know it it's the heat (30° in the UK!!!!) or if I'm just applying it really badly or due to the colour being so light but the first coat was so streaky! I know the NYC nail varnishes never look good with only one coat but I felt this took it to a whole new level!


The second coat made it much more like the colour in the bottle but in my opinion it still could be better in some places?

Due to the fact it was still a bit opaque in places I decided to apply a 3rd coat!

I think the colour is much better now but it was a little frustrating having to wait for 3 coats to dry especially as it was hot so were taking longer than usual.

And all done! Annoyingly they seemed to have smudged and slightly bubbled whilst I slept (forgot to take a finished picture that night!) but I think that was more down to me & the weather, than the polish itself. I think the colour is a really nice yellow; it's not too bright but then again not to pale! In my opinion I think colours such as yellow work best on shorter nails for some reason?

I think the colour is so pretty but the fact that I had to apply 3 coats to get it was a bit annoying. For this reason I probably wouldn't reccomend this nail varnish as strongly as I have with the other colours from this brand however, it is a really nice colour so if you feel you can wait the extra drying time - go for it!! Thanks for reading (: