Friday, 12 July 2013

Review of 'Rimmel London - I Love Lasting Finish' in '700 Block Your Green'

Hi everyone! I've been looking for a nice green nail polish for absolutely ages now! I thought I hit the jackpot last summer when I bought 2 lovely shades of green, but both ended up staining my nails and they are still recovering!! So as I was in Superdrug I saw that this brand of Rimmel was on offer at £1.99 instead of £2.99 (which still is nice and cheap!) and I just had to get it! The picture doesn't really show its true colour. It is a richer green in real life!

This green in the bottle looks a really lovely and has a slight shimmer to it which at first I didn't notice but it really is very pretty. However, I do have to say it isn't particularly a summery colour, in my opinion it is more of a Christmasy colour so if you are looking for a summery green: this probably isn't the one for you!

So, first things first - my Collection 2000 base coat.

Then I applied the first coat of colour. It was pretty highly pigmented and had a lovely shimmer to it when it caught the light. In comparison to the NYC nail varnishes I definitely think you could get away with just applying one coat of this. I did find that although it went on very smoothly, on some nails it was a little thicker in places than others - but that's probably more down to me than the polish (a bad workman always blames her tools!)

I applied a second coat and it looks exactly like it does in the bottle!

Finally a top coat to give it a nice glossy finish. As per usual I'm just using a clear nail varnish from Boots Natural Collection (trust me it really isn't pink!)

And all done! I really liked this nail varnish as you can get such a strong colour with just one coat which is ideal if you are in a bit of a rush. But this really isn't a summer colour - it's a quite rich shade of green which to me strikes me as a Christmas colour. But overall I did really love this and will be going out to buy some different colours! Thanks for reading (: