Saturday, 31 August 2013

EuroQuest: Day 4 - Budapest

Hi everyone! So we are still in Budapest! The day started where our leaders had gone to the local shop to buy some stuff for us to make our own breakfast in the hostel kitchen on our floor. It was a bit of a mismatched breakfast but still lovely! We ended up talking to another English girl who was staying there with her friend and they were travelling around Europe as well (although I think it was their gap year), whilst the others eating breakfast in the living area were talking to a guy who was (correct me if I'm wrong) born in South Africa but lives in Australia? It don't know if it was because we were staying in a hostel so pretty much everyone was around late teens/twenties, thus were happy to talk, but it was so nice yet strange as you just wouldn't talk to random people in a hotel in England!

Budapest in the morning
It was still super hot (around the high 30's!) so we went to a park, where we hired out these bubble car things (again due to my awful ability to describe anything I'll put a picture below) which we were able to pedal around the park. Frances took the wheel of our one and I think we were the most sensible drivers! As soon as we came near the others the drove straight at each other then swerving last minute to avoid a crash!

Awesome sculpture in the park

Driving around
After we had driven around for an hour, we returned them and went to the fountain to eat lunch. It was so refreshing to dip our feet in the water and watch the fountains. On the hour, suddenly music blasted out and the fountains began to synchronize to it which was awesome! We then split into our 2 groups and went to explore.

Nice and cool

Fluffy the fish having a swim
Our first port of call - ICE CREAMS! I played it safe with a lemon sorbet, but after we had eaten them we went back for a slush puppy. I got a bright green one which was green apple flavour but turned my tongue a brilliant green colour! We did try to find somewhere to sit and drink them, but we were pestered by flies everywhere we went.


Consequently, we gave up on the idea of sitting on the grass and headed back to the fountain. On the way we bumped into the other group who were all sat on benches enjoying a variety of brightly coloured mojitos. (non alcoholic of course!) Despite already having an ice cream and a slush puppy we went and got one! They tasted as amazing as they looked, although many had the same effect of the slushie by turning our tongues various colours!

We headed back to the hostel for an early dinner so we could go exploring the city in the evening and the lovely people at the hostel  cooked us a meal of traditional Hungarian food! I think we were supposed to cook it ourselves but they ended up doing it for us which was very kind of them! The veggie option was sort of like gnocchi and scrambled egg put together which was actually really nice, although very filling!

Pin board in the kitchen
That evening we headed up to the old town (Buda) on the funicular railway and got some stunning views over the rest of the city as we were heading up. Up there we went to the presidents office took loads of photos of the view!

Then began the long walk back down! According to Hayley's pedometer there were over 10,000 steps just on the way down so it was safe to say my feet hurt just a little!

When we got back to the hostel Sara made the biggest cup of tea I think I've ever seen! I tried to take a photo of it next to my deodorant can to give you a comparison but it was huge!

If you want to see more I filmed a bit of what we were doing so you can check that out below.
The video is a montage of several clips and pictures throughout the time we spent in Budapest as apposed to these blog posts which a split by day.


I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel free to leave any comments!