Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Quick Update: My Hair

Hi everyone! So I know it wasn't that long ago since I dipped dyed my hair pink, but after 2 weeks in Europe where I wasn't able to care for it with colour protection products it was pretty faded, so I've re done it (or rather my sister re did it for me!) but this time purple!

I used the Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL in 94 Pink Purple but it is only supposed to last 6-8 washes so we will have to see about that! When we were doing it the tube looked pretty small but I ended up not even using half of it so if it does wash out in 6 washes I can do it again.

I'm not sure what colour I expected my hair to turn when I decided I wanted it purple and bought the dye as my hair is pretty much the colour on the box but it looks really pretty, but it's just not the shade of purple I had envisioned when I imagined doing it purple but it wasn't what I got. Don't get me wrong though - I'm really happy how it turned out and I think it looks better/me more than the pink did.

Also another thing that's happended with my hair that didn't go at all to plan is well... this! I cut a little bit!

I had a braid in my hair that I did in Europe, but the day after I came back I had a job interview and the braid was looking a bit tacky so I tried to take it out. Then I got tired and it wasn't coming out so I made the stupid decision to cut it out. I thought because it was at the back and bottom of my hair, no one would notice it, and no one did... until I put it in a pony tail! I forgot that cutting it would make it too short to tie up so now I'm left with that little stumpy bit of hair. I think low side pony tails will be the way forward until it grows back a bit.

And also it's so obvious in the photo how different my hair colour is! It's not that noticable normally but I think with the flash on it really picks out the red in my hair from where I dyed it. The brown underneath is my natural colour although it never really was that brown as it lightened like highlights in the sun!

Thanks for reading (: