Friday, 2 August 2013

My Night Time Skin Care Routine

Hi everyone! Now the humid weather has kicked in I have decided I really need to be taking better care of my skin. I know I should be doing so already, but I've never had too much of a problem with my skin thus I never really bothered to look after (that's really bad - I know) but for any number of reasons my skin has started to annoy me.

I think I have combination skin - it's mainly oily but sometimes it gets dry so this might not be relevant to you but you can enjoy reading what I do to my face!

Firstly I take off my make up. I normally/used to use Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes but I have read on so many blogs & in video blogs that it is really bad to use wipes.

So I had a voucher for £5 off any No7 skin care product to use in Boots so I bought some cleansing lotion. Normally it is £8 but of course with my voucher I got it for £3! I'm still getting used to using this instead of the wipes so I can't give my opinion on it yet.

After taking all my make up and any grime from the day off I wash my face with my Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser which I got from the Body Shop a little while ago for £5.

I then like to put a face mask on. I tend to buy them from Superdrug as they are 99p and are on a 3 for the price of 4 deal. I don't know if I have a small face or something but I find one face mask will last me 2-3 uses which makes them even better value for money! I like to have a variety of different masks my recurring favourites being: Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask; Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask; Apricot Exfoliating Mask and Fruit Sorbet Peel Off Mask (which isn't pictured as I already used it!)

After leaving it on for a little bit I wash it off with cold water as I find it more refreshing & I think I read somewhere about it closing up the pores?

I then use my Cucumber Freshening Water which is sort of like a toner with a few extra bits also from The Body Shop and again I bought it a while ago so I don't remember the price.

Any spots I have I put a dab of this blemish stick from Witch.

Next and arguably most importantly I moisturise my skin with Simple Hydrating Moisturiser. This bottle is nearly all used up so please excuse it's worn looking exterior!

I then use a bit more of my Witch blemish stick and put a little bit of Savlon (which is just a brand antiseptic cream) on any spots that are particularly bad!

Last but not least, I think it is just as important to moisturise your lips as well as your skin. Loads of people find it strange that I have a tube of Vaseline instead of a pot but I find it much better as I hate using the pots as it gets under my nails and makes my finger feel sticky and odd - but that's just me!

And that's me done! Let me know how you look after your skin & if I have missed any products I should be using! Thank you for reading! (: