Friday, 9 August 2013

My Hair History

Hi everyone! So if you read my last post you will know I have dip dyed my hair pink and this made me want to show you my hair throughout the last 16 years of my life. Please be warned: there are some shocking pictures and I don't just mean the quality of the photos (although that is pretty awful too) but more some of my hair cuts!!

So this is a picture taken of me at Nursery School around the age of 2/3? This is probably the lightest my hair has been. However - I'm not sure what my Mum was thinking letting me out with a very lopsided fringe!

Age 2/3
So my hair seems to have grown and my fringe seems to be a lot better!! Can't say I know what was going on with the face paint but at least from the hair side it's looking up!

Age 5

Clearly I spoke too soon! Age 7 now & my fringe is super short but at least it isn't lopsided! Personally I blame the mess of a pony tail is due to me having 2 crowns which makes it very hard for me to tie up my hair without it bumping up!
Age 7

Well the quality of this photo is awful but at least my hair is getting better! I'm 8 years old now but I still have that awful block fringe!

Age 8
Oh wow! Age 9 and I decided to grow out my fringe and this is the terrible stage of it being too long to wear as a block fringe so I chose to pin it back which was clearly a big mistake!!! And I also seem to have cut it short again.

Age 9
Now at age 10 I have opted for a side parting and a long fringe. Not my worst cut I have to say! Although definitely not my best!

Age 10
Skip forward 2 years and my hair is looking so much better!!!!!! I think I had my hair highlighted for the first time here as my hair is looking slightly red? The first time I had my hair proffesionally highlighted I wanted to keep it natural so she put in a very faint red and a couple of shades of redish browns.

Age 12
Forward one more year and I think this was when I got dark brown highlights put it. I also had red ones in but they faded within a week. Cut wise my hair pretty much stays them same now but it does get longer. It's mainly the colour of my hair that is now changing.

Age 13

Here at 14 years old is the first example of me using a home kit to dye my hair instead of going to the Salon to get it highlighted. I really wanted hair like Emma Stone when it is red (I still do!) but as you can see it went more gingery than red. But the style is the same.

Age 14
Now here was where I got a little more adventurous. Age 15 I bought what was supposed to be a mahogany hair dye however it ended up turning my hair purple for a little while!

Age 15
I wasn't happy with it being purple so I bought a brighter red to try and balance it out. Still age 15 and I ended up having bright red hair! This made me look even paler!

Age 15
Which brings me up to now - age 16. A few months ago my hair you can see my hair is various browns thanks to all these dyes (even though apart from the highlights they were all semi permanent). My ends are really light and it sort of looks slightly like I've got ombre hair? I've still got the same style

Age 16
And this is me now! My hair is basically the same but instead of having slightly blonde looking tips they are now pink!!! You can still pretty much see where my hair has been dyed previous to the pink as it is a lot lighter than my roots.

Age 16
Age 16
I really would like to cut my hair differently or get a fringe but I have no idea what to do so if you have any suggestions let me know!! Until then I would really like it all to grow out but as that could take ages but I don't particularly want to dye it again because I hate re doing the roots - maybe I will highlight it? (I've been considering electric blue streaks as my next hair adventure!?)

I hope you enjoyed laughing at my awful haircuts over the years and I would really love to see how your hair has changed since you were born! Thank you for reading (: