Friday, 23 August 2013

GCSE Results

Hi everyone! So I picked up my GCSE results yesterday and they were a lot better than I expected! I achieved A*'s in English Literature, Maths, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry & ICT. A's in History, Spanish, English Language, Physics & ICT and a B in Art! This means I have all the grades I needed to get into my schools sixth form where I want to study Maths, Further Maths, History, DT Product Design and Physics (although I might swap it for a different Science?)

So basically it means that I now have loads of prep work for those subjects to do before I go back in September. And when I do go back I know I'm going to have so much work to do as so many people have told me the gap between GCSEs and A levels is huge (yay!).

On top of all my school work I also now have a job! I'll be working at Boots as a Christmas Sales Assistant from the end of September until January and then they will review it in January as to whether they will offer me a permanent job there! I'm super excited to start working there as they all seemed so nice when I went for an interview and my Mums first job was actually working in Boots too!

You are probably wondering how all this will effect you and my blog? Well with 25 hours of lessons in Sixth form plus god knows how many hours at home doing extra work and 16 hours working a week I won't have as much free time as I've had the past three months on holiday so there is just no way I can post every other day/ more than once a week as I've been trying to do!

I will still be posting once a week and I will of course try to do some extra ones but I obviously can't guarantee anything! But stick around because I have loads more things to write about and it will just grow!

So thanks for reading and if you've just got any results let me know what you're doing next!