Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Review of 'Barry M Glitter Nail Paint' in '349 Rose Quartz Glitter'

Hi everyone! If you haven't already read my previous review of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint then I suggest you go take a look at that as this is carrying on but I'm sure it will still make sense if you haven't read it!

I have several glitter nail varnishes in my collection but this is my favourite by far! I love Barry M so much as they are affordable and are pretty good quality too! I actually got this bottle as a present but assuming it is the same price as most Barry M nail varnishes I think you can get it for £2.99.

So I've already applied my base colour which was also from Barry M in the colour Pomegranate from the Gelly Hi-Shine range. The photo shows it as a red colour, when in fact it is actually more of a deep pink exactly like the colour in the bottle!

Then on goes the glitter! I really like that there are various sizes of the glitter pieces as it makes for a more interesting nail. It spreads on quite nicely and although the larger pieces are randomly distributed in comparison to other glitter nail varnishes it seems to look good as there is plenty of small fragments of glitter to fill in the gaps.

I tend to only put on one coat of glitter as I think it is sparkly enough but if you are looking for a more full on glitter approach I guess you can just keep adding layers until you are happy with the effect.

I then seal the whole thing off with my Barry M top coat (which I previously used as a base coat) to make sure all the pieces of glitter stay in place and don't chip off pulling up the base varnish with it! And they are all done!!!

I would really recommend this glitter coat as I think it looks really pretty and creates a nice overall effect and with all of the Barry M nail paints it is great value for money. The main thing I love about applying a glitter coat on the top is that if your nails do get slightly bed printed or smudged the glitter masks it! Thanks for reading (: